I’m an Event Experience Designer.

I develop event concepts, formats & strategies to create outstanding human interactions.


The digital age has fundamentally changed our ability to access knowledge and to communicate & collaborate. This causes vast consequences for conferences and similar events as the roles of speaker and participants have altered. To create meaning and stay meaningful conferences need to reflect those changes by facilitating interactions between the participants instead of merely delivering passive top-down experience.

You can hire me to design event experiences, develop event concepts or participatory formats as well as to consult you with your event strategy.

I support with high-level strategic consultancy on event experience design throughout all touch points and multiple stakeholders (attendees, speakers, sponsors, media partners etc.)  of your event.

As well I help with strategic questions to maneuver the complexity of event productions – ranging from communications strategy to programming and content curation, logistics & workflows, pricing, location, food, scenography & space design and execution.

This creates upfront value, as you can not prototype events and time and money invested in strategic experience design consultation is well invested to navigating the multiple risks.

You need:

– a new approach to an existing event?
– support with starting/running a new event?
– some guidance and best practice how to implement your event ideas?


– individual modules (workshop, consultation session)
– consultation flat-rate (x days/month)

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To tackle the challenges and complexity of the digital age, events need to be designed as experiences. Therefore I develop customized event concepts to design experiences throughout all touch points of your event. These concepts combine real world and digital experience,  because the impact is greater when the tangible experience (scenography & physical space design) and digital experience (content & communication strategy) amplify each other. This will enhance real world and digital engagement before, during and after an event to ensure that your event lives on well beyond a single time, place or participant.

I  am specialized on participatory formats (like Hackathons, Booksprints, or Innovation Workshops etc.) or Interventions to target a selective outcome within an existing event or conference setting. Participatory formats are focused on human interaction to tackle specific challenges or goals – like collaboration, increasing networking or developing a new product or service. By designing user-centered interactive formats, I focus on (digital and physical) space, scenography, tools & materials as well as methods of moderation as they are crucial to run and facilitate participatory formats or interventions.

You need:

– a new event concept to surprise and/or challenge your clients?
– a innovative event format to win a pitch?


– per day rate

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methods & approach

I apply user experience design principles and methodologies (service design, design thinking) to develop event concepts as well as for the planning and production of events. Doing so, I design experiences through the use of creative concept development, persona generation, touch point analysis, user journey mapping, concept testing & iteration. Following those design principles I develop coherent experiences from end-to-end and across multiple channels & touch points to ensure that all the event stakeholders (attendees, speakers, sponsors, media partners etc.) will leave with a deep impression and customers achieve sustainable results even after their projects have ended.


As well I’m an Innovation Facilitator & Independent Strategist.
I consult my clients on creative innovation processes.

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