After several years of innovation consulting, Claudia is focusing on the development of teams and individuals to support them in creating the cultural and inner conditions for a holistic and thus sustainable transformation.
In doing so, she questions with joy, curiosity and openness so new paths can emerge and previously unknown ways of looking at things become recognizable. With clarity, courage, optimism and lightness, Claudia empowers impactuful transformative journeys.

She creates and facilitates purposeful formats and learning experiences — from intimate gatherings, productive Workshops and interactive Trainings to large-scale conferences. 
Always with one central goal in mind: impactful gatherings and collaboration where people feel alive and invited to contribution in a unique and meaningful way. 

As well, Claudia has gained extensive expertise in Consulting and Organizational Development.


Selected Client Trainings:
Training: Effective and energizing Meetings and Workshops for ecoligio
Services: Training concept and moderation 

Training: Remote Facilitation for Roche Pharma
Services: Training concept and moderation 

The Loop Approach Trainings for TheDive
Services: Training concept adaptation and moderation 

Service Design and Design Thinking trainings for company-wide development programmes together with WorkPlayExperience
Services: Training Facilitation 

Selected Client Projects:

Founding Offsite for denkstatt, insitu, unterdessen and zirkular
Services: Co-creation and facilitation of a Founding Offsite & team retreat for the merger of four companies into a cooperative, which makes the new beginning tangible and creates motivation and energy for the shared journey

Redesign of the member conference for the East German Chamber of Psychotherapists (OPK)
Services: Consultation and co-creation in the redesign of member conferences of as participatory, user-centred and practice-oriented event

SYNCHRONICITY future symposium for glockenweiß, minigram
Services: Concept development in co-creation, Consulting on format, interactive interventions as well as live-documentation of Sprint content 
Resources: Synchronicity Publication as a .pdf (German), Behind the scenes blog post about the live documentation of the workshops (German)

Claudia Brückner 
Straßburger Straße 55
10405 Berlin