Teamdevelopment and Transformation

I accompany teams, with a focus on small organizations, in their transformation towards effective and adaptable organizations.

With a holistic approach that focuses on the development of processes, structures and environments as well as a transformation of work culture, awareness, attitudes, values and connection.

How I work

Every team is unique. In my work, I explore and test together with each team which methods, processes and structures are suitable and what competencies are central to working effectively and in a way that makes a difference. I share my perception of their communication, culture and collaboration with the team and make methodological suggestions that the team can try out and adapt to their individual needs.


Agility and Selforganisation (Loop Approach, Design Thinking, New Work needs Inner Work) 

Possible topics and challenges

How can we clearly allocate responsibilities and make transparent decisions?
What processes and structures do we need to be effective?
What is important to us, how do we want to work together?
What defines us as a team and what do we want to stand for in the organisation?
How can we address difficult issues while staying in touch and creating deeper connections within the team?
How do we want to communicate and argue with each other?
How can we use and utilize the potential that exists within the team?

Selected customer projects:

Accompanying the transformation of an agency towards self-organisation with a focus on the inner growth of team members and managers as well as the development of adaptable structures and processes

Develeopment and facilitation of various team retreats on questions of work culture, team values and communication

Guiding various teams in their transformation towards adaptable teams according to the Loop Approach®

Design and implementation of a yearlong agile Transformation process (Focus: Design Thinking & Scrum)

Design and implementation of a co-creative office space Transformation processes

Would you like to improve your teamwork or dedicate yourself to a focused and results-oriented challenge in a sprint?
Or would you like support for your next team retreat? 

Let's talk and find out how I can support you.

Let's do a Meeting

Effective and energizing Meetings for your Team

All the teams I meet share one challenge: too many meetings that waste time and cost more energy than they generate. For all these teams, I created this Training: 

Let’s do a Meeting
A Training for effective and energizing Team Meetings.

It is for all teams that are not (yet) sure whether they can or want to tackle a more comprehensive transformation of their teamwork.
Specially designed for small teams and organizations who want an affordable and practical training to transform their meetings into productive and joyful teamwork.

Claudia Brückner 
Straßburger Straße 55
10405 Berlin