Let's do a Meeting

Effective and energizing Meetings for your Team

All the teams I meet share one challenge: too many meetings that waste time and cost more energy than they generate. For all these teams, I created this Training: 

Let’s do a Meeting
A Training for effective and energizing Team Meetings.

It is for all teams that are not (yet) sure whether they can or want to tackle a more comprehensive transformation of their teamwork.
Specially designed for small teams and organizations who want an affordable and practical training to transform their meetings into productive and joyful teamwork.

Selected Client Trainings:
Training: Effective and energizing Meetings and Workshops for ecoligio
Services: Training concept and moderation 

Training: Remote Facilitation for Roche Pharma
Services: Training concept and moderation 

The Loop Approach Trainings for TheDive
Services: Training concept adaptation and moderation 

Claudia Brückner 
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