There are questions and challenges that almost all of my clients encounter. I have developed training courses from numerous workshops and iterations to give even more teams easy access to this knowledge and experience.

Let's do a Meeting:  
Effective and energizing Meetings for your Team

All the teams I meet share one challenge: too many meetings that waste time and cost more energy than they generate.

For all these teams, I created the Training Let's do a Meeting:
for effective and energizing team meetings.

It is for all teams that are not (yet) sure whether they can or want to tackle a more comprehensive transformation of their teamwork.
Specially designed for small teams and organizations who want a affordable and practical training to transform their meetings into productive and joyful teamwork.

Let's do a Workshop:  
Design and facilitate effective and energizing Workshops

During the design and facilitation process, I am repeatedly asked by clients if I could teach them how to do this: Designing an effective format, facilitating a group through a workshop, designing and delivering team interventions, holding the space for a team development process.

This is why I developed Let's do a Workshop,  a training that enables you to design and facilitate effective and energizing Workshops (including meetings, training sessions, etc.).

Selected Client Trainings:
Training: Effective and energizing Meetings and Workshops for ecoligio
Services: Training concept and moderation 

Training: Remote Facilitation for Roche Pharma
Services: Training concept and moderation 

The Loop Approach Trainings for TheDive
Services: Training concept adaptation and moderation 

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