Concept Development and Facilitation 

How we learn, communicate and collaborate has changed fundamentally: Work and collaboration take place in multiple hybrid ways - asynchronous in time and space. To create meaning and be effective, all formats - from Workshops and Trainings to Conferences - need to reflect these changes and address them in their design and facilitation. To create spaces that enable new ways of learning, collaboration and innovation. And to create meaningful moments in the team and the organizsation to grow together and become effective.


How I work

I support my clients with co-creation and consulting to create purposeful, energizing and convincing tailor-made formats and spaces that enable new ways of learning, collaboration and innovation. With a clear intention, participative, energising, productive, connecting and result-oriented.

As well, I offer supervision for existing formats to improve Meetings, Workshops, Trainings or Gathering concepts to become more interactive, user-centred, convincing and motivating.

I also provide support with the facilitation and moderation of the formats developed. Whether it's a meeting, workshop or retreat - I guide groups through the respective processes and formats, structure them and make methodical suggestions on how to proceed so that they can focus entirely on the content.


Experience Design, Design Thinking

Possible topics and challenges

How can we organize our team retreat in such a way that different teams are not only brought together, but experience a new beginning, creating motivation and energy for the common journey?

How can we make our member conferences participative and practical so that our members gain clear added value for their work?

How can we revise our existing mandatory training so that our employees don't sit through it, but instead receive easily applicable support for their real daily challenges through the training?

How can we design and run a series of workshops that not only discuss ideas and solutions, but also develop them directly?

Selected customer projects:

Concept Development & Facilitation 

Founding Offsite for denkstatt, insitu, unterdessen zirkular 
Services: Co-creation and facilitation of a Founding Offsite & team retreat for the merger of four companies into a cooperative, which makes the new beginning tangible and creates motivation and energy for the shared journey

Digital Bauhaus Summit Interactive conference track for Digital Bauhaus Summit
Services: Concept development in Co-creation, Curation, Facilitation & moderation  
Resources: Digital Bauhaus Summit 2017 video

HACKADEMY Lean Innovation Bootcamp as Recrutainment format for Young Targets 
Services: Concept development, Facilitation & moderation
Resources: HackAdemy website (german), Video HackAdemy

Science Hack Day for re:publica 
Services: Concept development, Facilitation & moderation
Resources: Video documentation of the Science Hack Day (German), pictures, The Science Hack Day format was established in 2010 by Ariel Waldman


Concept Development 

Redesign of the member conference for the East German Chamber of Psychotherapists (OPK)
Services: Consultation and co-creation in the redesign of member conferences of as participatory, user-centred and practice-oriented event

SYNCHRONICITY future symposium for glockenweiß, minigram
Services: Concept development in co-creation, Consulting on format, interactive interventions as well as live-documentation of Sprint content 
Resources: Synchronicity Publication as a .pdf (German), Behind the scenes blog post about the live documentation of the workshops (German)


You want to create a tailor-made format to empower new ways of learning, collaborating or gathering?
Or would like to improve an existing format to become more interactive, user-centred, convincing and motivating? 

Let's talk and find out how I can support you.

Let's do a Meeting

Effective and energizing Meetings for your Team

All the teams I meet share one challenge: too many meetings that waste time and cost more energy than they generate. For all these teams, I created this Training: 

Let’s do a Meeting
A Training for effective and energizing Team Meetings.

It is for all teams that are not (yet) sure whether they can or want to tackle a more comprehensive transformation of their teamwork.
Specially designed for small teams and organizations who want an affordable and practical training to transform their meetings into productive and joyful teamwork.

Claudia Brückner 
Straßburger Straße 55
10405 Berlin